Heroes and Monsters Hack

Heroes and Monsters Hack

Heroes & Monsters is a mobile puzzle game app that lets you collect monsters and mystical creatures. At the start of the game, you will be selecting from the three starter monsters to be your partner: Red Dragon, Blue Serpent, and Green Worm. The game objective is to match 3 or more gems of the same color either horizontally or vertically to clear them out. Monsters in your team of the same color as the matched gems will launch an attack. To attack all enemies all at once, you will need to clear 5 or more gems of the same color. It lets you collect monster with different stars rarity. The more stars a monster has, the more rare it is. The monsters in the game can be evolved into even more powerful forms when they reach their maximum level.

Heroes and Monsters Hack

In playing Heroes & Monsters, you need to understand that there are 5 Monster types. Three of them interact with each other as you’d expect in nature: Water beats Fire beats Earth beats Water. Light and Shadow are the two remaining types and counter each other in battle. If a Fire monster attacks an Earth Monster, it deals 2x damage. But if a Fire monster, attacks a Water monster, it only deals half damage. If either a Light or Shadow monster attacks a Water, Fire, or Earth monster, only base damage is dealt.The game uses two currencies the Jewel and the Copper. Jewels are premium currency for Heroes and Monsters. Use this to buy items, draw prizes, refill Energy, revive Monsters, and expand your Monster Camp and Ally List. Copper is earned by defeating enemies, completing Battlefields, and selling Monsters. It’s also used to fuse and evolve monsters. Heroes & Monsters is completely free to play and can be played on Android mobile phones and tablets. You can download the game for free by visiting the Google Play Store. Join with our Heroes & Monsters Hack!


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