Shellrazer Hack

Shellrazer Hack

Shellrazer is a game app that lets you take the role of a Klang Clan Turtle Wrangler and your duty is to ensure that your War Turtle will complete your trek across the Goblin Kingdom. Basically the game is a side-scrolling shooter and you will be facing battle hordes of goblin archers, air riders, monsters, and war machines. Beating opposing forces will gain you gold and loots which you can use to upgrade, level up, and customize your war turtle. This giant war turtle game up offers features such as rescuing and leveling up 15 different champions; each of the champion has 8 upgrades to unlock their max potential; over 50 different types of enemies to battle; more than 75 levels of gameplay; customizable champions and more the 30 different boost items; 25+ different types of chow for the War Turtle; beautiful crafted cartoon art; 15 different achievements to test the champion warriors; and multi touch controls for massive combos.

Shellrazer Hack

In playing Shellrazer, you can recruit champions like Curtis the War Wizard, Gunnar Gunnarson the Heavy Gunner, Klang the Mechanic, and more. These champion warriors can assist and join you in your journey. You can setup different combinations with your favorite champion characters and customize your War Turtle to finish quests and missions. Play the game now and travel the continent battling goblins and monsters through mountains, swamps, deserts, and beaches. Unlock and discover turtle foods, armors, ammunitions, and other items that will help you complete quests. Shellrazer is available on the Appstore for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and on the Google Play Store for Android mobile phones and tablets.


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